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Oct 4-7, 2010: European-US Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences

Announcement, Programme and Presentations

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DEISA PRACE Symposium 2010


DEISA, the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications, and PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, are inviting again to their joint annual science symposium as an important European HPC event: The DEISA PRACE Symposium 2010 which will take place from May 10 to May 12 in Barcelona, Spain.

DEISA PRACE Symposium logo small

Photo: Pau Giralt by courtesy of Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya archives



Casa Milà (La Pedrera) in Barcelona/Spain.


Monday, 10 May


Registration opens

Buffet lunch *


“World-wide Perspectives 1”

14:10-14:50 Montserrat Torné, Director General for International Cooperation and Institutional Relations, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain
"Conclusions of the European Conference on RI and influence on HPC"

14:50-15:30 Kostas Glinos
, Head of Unit, DG INFSO, European Commission
"HPC - from a European Perspective"

15:30-16:10 José Muñoz, Acting Director, Office of CyberInfrastructure, National Science Foundation, US
“High-Performance Computing and the Cyberinfrastructure Eco-System”

16:10-16:30 Coffee Break

“World-wide Perspectives 2”

16:30-17:10 Akira Ukawa, Vice President, University of Tsukuba, Japan
"The Next-Generation Supercomputer Project and the Future of High End Computing in Japan"

17:10-17:50 Thomas Zacharia
, Deputy Director, ORNL, Department of Energy, US
"ExascaleComputing Initiative"

17:50-18:30 Catherine Rivière, GENCI, France, European Exascale Software Project EESI
“European Exascale Software Initiative”
20:30 Dinner for Speakers, DEISA and PRACE boards *

Tuesday, May 11


“DEISA and PRACE Updates”

9:00-9:15 Thomas Eickermann, FZJ, Germany
"PRACE Implementation Phase"

9:15-9:30 Hermann Lederer, RZG, Germany
"DEISA Extreme Computing"
“Challenges in Computational Science 1”

9:30-10:10 Wolfgang Hillebrandt, MPI for Astrophysics, Germany
"Modelling Cosmic Explosions" (Astrophysics)

10:10-10:50 Thomas Schulthess, ETHZ & CSCS, Switzerland
"Ab initio Calculation of Free Energies in Nanoscale Systems" (Materials Science)

10:50-11:10 Coffee Break

“Challenges in Computational Science 2”

11:10-11:50 Jose Maria Baldasano, Earth Sciences Dep, BSC, Spain
"Earth System Modeling Framework: Computation+Data" (Earth Sciences)

11:50-12:30 Laurent Villard, EPFL, Switzerland
"HPC Simulations of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas" (Fusion for Energy)

12:30-13:10 Ivo Gut, Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico, Spain
“Informatic Issues of Genomics" (Life Sciences)

13:10-14:30 Lunch Break *
“Extreme Computing 1”

14:30-14:55 Richard Kenway, University of Edinburgh, UK
"Solving the Mysteries of Quarks" (Particle Physics / QCD)

14:55-15:20 Ilpo Vattulainen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

15:20-15:45 Stephan Stellmach, University of Muenster, Germany
"Turbulent transport in buoyancy-driven geophysical flows" (Earth Sciences)

15:45-16:10 Roel Verstappen, The Netherlands
"Regularizing isotropic turbulence" (Engineering)

Coffee Break

"Technology for the Future"

16:40-17:05 Jesus Labarta
, BSC, Spain
"Programming models and tools"

17:05-17:30 Ana Bela Dias, NCF, The Netherlands
"Access to PRACE systems"

17:30-17:55 Herbert Huber, LRZ, Germany
"Emerging and future technologies"

20:30 Conference Dinner Arenal Restaurant *


Wednesday, May 12



9:00-9:30 Peter Coveney,
University College London, UK, Shantenu Jha, Louisiana State University, US
"Towards Accurate and Precise Patient-specific Treatment Using Large-Scale Free Energy Calculations"

“Extreme Computing 2”

9:30-9:55 Marco Bernasconi, Università Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy
"Ab-initio study of GeSbTe phase change alloys" (Materials Science)

9:55-10:20 Stefan Gottloeber, Astrophysical Institute Potsdam, Germany
"The Small Scale Structure of the Universe"

10:20-10:45 Philip Eric Hoggan, CNRS, France
"Slater Type Orbital Project for Quantum monte carlo large molecule simulations" (Molecular Quantum Chemistry / QMC)

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

“Extreme Computing 3”

11:15-11:45 Patrick Joeckel, DLR, Germany
"Coupling the Chemistry in Earth System Models on multiple Scales" (Earth Sciences)

11:45-12:10 Vassilis Theofilis, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
"Global instability Analysis of Turbulent Separated flows" (Engineering)

12:10-12:35 Sandor Katz, Department of Theoretical Physics, Eötvös University, Hungary
"Lattice QCD thermodynamics with improved dynamical fermions" (Particle Physics / QCD)

12:35-13:00 Michael Martinez, Klaus Tschira Fund, EML Research GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

13:05 Closing remarks

Lunch *
* sponsored by organizers

For more information about the symposium 2010 please contact


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