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DEISA Highlights

May 2 - June 22, 2011: DECI: New call by PRACE for proposals also for Tier-1 resources

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Aug 7-12, 2011: Second European-US Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences

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April 27, 2011: DEISA Newsletter, Vol. 1, 2011

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April 13, 2011: DEISA Digest 2011 published

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April 13-14, 2011: DEISA PRACE Symposium 2011 in Helsinki

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Mar 29-31, 2011: DEISA and PRACE Joint Spring School

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Dec 22, 2010: DEISA Newsletter, Vol. 5, 2010

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Nov 17, 2010: DEISA @ Supercomputing 2010

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Oct 28, 2010: DEISA Newsletter, Vol. 4, 2010

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Oct 27, 2010: EU-US Summerschool featured in iSTWG

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Oct 4-7, 2010: European-US Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences

Announcement, Programme and Presentations

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DEISA Symposium Edinburgh, held on April 28 - 29, 2008

Advancing Extreme Computing in Europe


Venue: Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, UK

This year's annual DEISA Symposium took place in Spring at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Its purpose was to provide a forum where scientists from around the world can discuss HPC-eInfrastructures in general and for DEISA users to share their experiences and results.

The DEISA Symposium took part over two days. The first day featured talks from key players in the field of HPC e-Infrastructures including DEISA, and also from PRACE. The second day saw talks from prominent DEISA users, reporting on both their experience of the DEISA infrastructure and on their ground-breaking results.

The DEISA Symposium is traditionally held once a year during the Spring. This was the fourth Symposium, and previous Symposia were held in Paris, Bologna and Munich.


Talk abstracts and biographies of speakers


Pictures from Symposium

Original links to Symposium 2008 info (now obsolete):

Practical information

Original program

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