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May 2 - June 22, 2011: DECI: New call by PRACE for proposals also for Tier-1 resources

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Aug 7-12, 2011: Second European-US Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences

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April 27, 2011: DEISA Newsletter, Vol. 1, 2011

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April 13, 2011: DEISA Digest 2011 published

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April 13-14, 2011: DEISA PRACE Symposium 2011 in Helsinki

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Mar 29-31, 2011: DEISA and PRACE Joint Spring School

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Dec 22, 2010: DEISA Newsletter, Vol. 5, 2010

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Nov 17, 2010: DEISA @ Supercomputing 2010

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Oct 28, 2010: DEISA Newsletter, Vol. 4, 2010

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Oct 27, 2010: EU-US Summerschool featured in iSTWG

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Oct 4-7, 2010: European-US Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences

Announcement, Programme and Presentations

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DEISA Training Session Paris, July 3-5, 2006

Venue: Concorde Saint-Lazare Hotel, Paris, FRANCE

Six training sessions will be organized between mid-2006 and early 2008 in different European countries ( Finland, France, Italy, Germany and Spain ), to enable fast development of skills and knowledge needed for efficient utilisation of the DEISA infrastructure by the users. Each of these sessions will be divided between a general part, which will be repeated each time, to present a global description of the infrastructure and of the usage of its major software components, and a dedicated part on a specialized topic.

The first session was organized in Paris in July at the Concorde Saint-Lazare Hotel. The next session is scheduled to be held in Jülich, Germany on October 23-25, 2006. The registration for that event will open in September.




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