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DEISA Related Scientific Publications


  • Mark D. Halling-Brown, David S. Moss, Clare E. Sansom, and Adrian J. Shepherd, A computational Grid framework for immunological applications, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A July 13, 2009 367:2705-2716; doi:10.1098/rsta.2009.0046

  • P.M.A. Sloot, Peter V. Coveney, G. Ertaylan, V. Müller, C.A. Boucher, and M. Bubak, HIV decision support: from molecule to man, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A July 13, 2009 367:2691-2703; doi:10.1098/rsta.2009.0043

  • Radhika S. Saksena, Bruce Boghosian, Luis Fazendeiro, Owain A. Kenway, Steven Manos, Marco D. Mazzeo, S. Kashif Sadiq, James L. Suter, David Wright, and Peter V. Coveney, Real science at the petascale, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A June 28, 2009 367:2557-2571; doi:10.1098/rsta.2009.0049





  • W. Schmidt: Getting hold of turbulence with adaptive methods.  inside – Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland, Vol 5 No.1

  • J. Schulze, Chr. Schaupp, J. Sesterhenn: Direct numerical simulation of a supersonic jet and its acoustic field. inside – Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland, Vol 5 No.1

  • F. K. Röpke: Flame-driven deflagration-to-detonation transitions in Type Ia supernovae?; submitted to the Astrophysical Journal 2007

  • Benedict J. Reynwar, Gregoria Illya, Vagelis A. Harmandaris, Martin M. Müller, Kurt Kremer & Markus Deserno: Aggregation and vesiculation of membrane proteins by curvature mediated interactions, NATURE Vol 447, 24 May 2007, doi:10.1038/nature05840

  • Andras Stirling, Marco Bernasconi, and Michele Parrinello, Defective pyrite (100) surface: An ab initio study, Phys. Rev. B 75, 165406 (2007)

  • Thomas D. Kuehne, Matthias Krack, Fawzi R. Mohamed, and Michele Parrinello: Efficient and Accurate Car-Parrinello-like Approach to Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 066401 (2007)

  • F. Roepke and W. Hillebrandt: Feature - Simulating Type Ia Supernovae on DEISA International Science Grid This Week, May 2, 2007 (

  • Sulpizi M, Raugei S, VandeVondele J, Sprik M, Carloni P:  Calculation of redox properties: understanding  short and long range effects in rubredoxin,  Journal of Physical Chemistry B, in press  (2007)

  • Arnold, Guido; Richter, Marcus; Trieu, Binh (2007): Quantum Error Modelling, Poster Presentation, ASIM, Aachen, Germany, March 2007,

  • By ETM Collaboration (Ph. Boucaud et al.): Dynamical twisted mass fermions with light quarks. DESY-06-  236, MS-TP-06-34, RM3-TH-07-1, ROM2F-2007-02, SFB-CPP-06-57, Jan 2007. 17pp. e-Print: hep-lat/0701012

  • Raedt, K. De; Michielsen, K.; Raedt, H. De; Trieu, B.; Arnold, G.; Richter, M.; Lippert, Th.; Watanabe, H.; Ito, N. (2007): Massively parallel quantum computer simulator, Computer Physics Communications, 176 (2007), 127 – 136, 2006

  • Cascella M, Magistrato A, Tavernelli I, Carloni P, Rothlisberger U: Role of protein frame and solvent for the  redox properties of azurin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proceedings of the National Academy of   Sciences of the United States of America. 103 19641-19646 (2006).

  • By ETM Collaboration (Karl Jansen et al.). First results with two light flavours of quarks with maximally  twisted mass, DESY-06-173, Oct 2006. 15pp. Talk at 24th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory  (Lattice 2006), Tucson, Arizona, 23-28 Jul 2006. e-Print: hep-lat/0610015

  • T. Chiarappa (Milan Bicocca U.), K. Jansen (NIC, Zeuthen), K.-I. Nagai (Wuppertal U.), M. Papinutto (INFN,   Rome3), L. Scorzato (ECT, Trento), A. Shindler (NIC, Zeuthen), C. Urbach (Liverpool U., Dept. Math.),  U. Wenger (Zurich, ETH), I. Wetzorke (NIC, Zeuthen). Iterative methods for overlap and twisted mass  fermions. DESY-06-163, LTH-716, RM3-TH-06-14, SFB-CPP-06-43, WUB-06-04, Sep 2006. 44pp.  e-Print: hep-lat/0609023

  • Arnold, Guido; Richter, Marcus; Trieu, Binh (2006), Improving Quantum Computer Simulations, Poster Presentation, SuperComputing Conference SC06, Tampa, USA, November 2006

  • Arnold, Guido; Richter, Marcus; Lippert, Thomas (2006), High Performance Simulation of Ideal Quantum Computers, NIC Symposium 2006; Proceedings, March 1-2, 2006, Jülich, Germany,

  • G. Münster, D. Wolf, M. Kremer (eds.), pp. 349-356, John von Neumann Institute for Computing, 2006, NIC series Vol. 32, ISBN 3-00-017351-X

  • Arnold, Guido; Richter, Marcus; Trieu, Binh (2006), Improving Quantum Computer Simulations, inSiDE, Vol. 4 No. 2, Autumn 2006, pp.

  • Sergio Hoyas and Javier Jiménez: Scaling of the velocity fluctuations in turbulent channels up to Re? = 2003, published online 11 January 2006. 2006 American Institute of Physics, DOI: 10.1063/1.2162185.

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