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FP6 Deliverables

A selection of deliverables of the previous FP6 DEISA and eDEISA project phases:

DEISA project phase

Networking Activities (NA)

  • NA2: Dissemination
    • DEISA dissemination plan (DEISA-N2-2, 2004-09-15)
    • DEISA internal information exchange plan (DEISA-N2-3, 2004-09-15)
    • General DEISA information brochure (DEISA-N2-4, 2004-10-30)
    • Proceedings of DEISA International Conference (DEISA-N2-8, 2007-07-04)
    • DEISA Educational Workshops (DEISA-N2-9, 2007-05-25)
    • 2nd DEISA brochure on project achievements (DEISA-N2-10, 2007-05-30)
    • Dissemination Annual Activity Report (DEISA-N2-11, 2007-05-30)

General service activities (SA)

  • SA1: Network Operation and Support
    • Provision of a high performance network infrastructure (proof of concept, 4 sites) (DEISA-SA1-1.1, 2005-02-22)
    • Provision of a high performance network infrastructure (all sites) (DEISA-SA1-1.2, 2005-05-15)
    • Provision of a permanent monitoring tool for the DEISA network infrastructure (DEISA-DSA1-1.3, 2007-09-05)
    • Provision of the "proof of concept" 10 Gb/s DEISA network infrastructure (DEISA-SA1-2, 2006-11-24)
    • Status report on network monitoring system (DEISA-SA1-3, 2005-11-24)
    • Annual activity report on network status and operation (DEISA-SA1-4, 2007-05-28)
  • SA2: Data Management with Global file systems
    • Pre-production GPFS tests (DEISA-SA2-1A, 2004-11-18)
    • Pre-production tests of AVAKI and AFS distributed file systems (DEISA-SA2-1B, 2004-11-24)
    • Production deployment of GPFS (DEISA-SA2-2A, 2005-05-15)
    • Production release of heterogeneous distributed file systems (DEISA-SA2-2B, 2005-05-15)
    • Status report of global file systems on the IBM AIX super-cluster (DEISA-SA2-3A, 2005-11-25)
    • Installation of AFS clients on the non-IBM DEISA machines (DEISA-SA2-3B, 2005-11-25)
    • Implementation of a transparent Hierarchical Storage Management feature (DEISA-SA2-4A, 2006-05-17)
    • Performance improvements of the general distributed file system AFS with respect to a HPC cluster environment (DEISA-SA2-4B, 2006-05-17)
    • Integration of Altix and PPC Systems and Improvements in MC-GPFS for Production (DEISA-SA2-5A, 2006-11-24)
    • Integrated Infrastructure Initiative HSM Functionality for AFS Deliverable (DEISA-SA2-5B, 2006-11-24)
    • Integration of SGI Altix System and Hierarchical Storage Management for MC-GPFS (DEISA-SA2-6A, 2006-11-24)
  • SA3: Resource Management
    • Resource Management in the core DEISA infrastructure (DEISA-SA3-1B, 2005-05-15)
    • Operation of the extended Grid Infrastructure (DEISA-SA3-2A, 2005-01-31)
    • Operation of Resource Management in the core DEISA infrastructure (DEISA-SA3-2B, 2005-11-25)
    • First release of DCRMP (DEISA-SA3-3, 2005-11-25)
    • Second release of DCRMP: update of the DCRMP software stack accordingly to the new software releases (DEISA-SA3-5, 2006-05-17)
    • Third Release of DCRMP (DEISA-SA3-7, 2006-11-24)
    • Activity report and roadmap evaluation (DEISA-SA3-8, 2007-05-16)
  • SA4: Applications and User Support

Joint research activities (JRA)

  • JRA1: Material Sciences
    • Grid-enabling simulation codes (DEISA-JRA1-1, 2004-11-18)
    • Design of Material Sciences Portal (DEISA-JRA1-2, 2005-05-15)
    • CPMD code preparation for adequate usage on a distributed European supercomputer, and pre-production release of further grid-enabled simulation code(s) (DEISA-JRA1-3, 2005-11-25)
    • Quickstep code from CP2K package for adequate usage in DEISA (DEISA-JRA1-4, 2006-05-17)
    • Operation of the full CP2K package (DEISA-JRA1-5, 2006-11-22)
    • Support of a series of important materials science codes with grid-enabled features (DEISA-JRA1-6, 2007-05-28)
  • JRA2: Cosmology
    • Specifications document for D-JRA2-1.2 (DEISA-JRA2-1.1, January 6, 2005)
    • Grid-enabled implementation of GADGET for metacomputing environments (DEISA-JRA2-1.2, 2005-11-28)
    • Documentation for D-JRA2-1.2 (DEISA-JRA2-1.3, 2005-11-28)
    • Specification document for D-JRA2-2.2, D-JRA2-2.3, D-JRA2-2.4 (DEISA-JRA2-2.1, 2004-12-21)
    • Grid-enabled "Group finders" (DEISA-JRA2-2.2, 2005-11-28)
    • Grid-enabled tools to build halo merger trees (DEISA-JRA2-2.3, 2005-11-28)
    • Grid-enabled tools for evaluating basic properties of the dark matter (DEISA-JRA2-2.4, 2005-11-28)
    • Documentation for D-JRA2-2.2, D-JRA2-2.3, D-JRA2-2.4 (DEISA-JRA2-2.5, 2005-11-28)
    • Specifications Document for D-JRA2-3.2 (DEISA-JRA2-3.1, 2006-05-17)
    • FLASH on the DEISA Infrastructure (DEISA-JRA2-3.2, 2007-05-28
    • Documentation for DEISA-DJRA2-3.2 (DEISA-JRA2-3.3, 2006-10-31)
    • Bi-Annual Report (DEISA-JRA2-6.1, 2007-07-05)
    • Final Report (DEISA-JRA2-6.2, 2006-11-01)
  • JRA3: Plasma Physics
    • Grid-enabled simulation codes (ORB) (DEISA-JRA3-1, 2004-11-8)
    • Provision of a portal for simulation code suite (ORB), preparation for DEISA multi-site usage (DEISA-JRA3-2, 2005-05-15)
    • Final report on simulation code (ORB), and progress report on ORB5 code (DEISA-JRA3-3, 2005-11-25)
    • Status report on ORB5 and GENE codes (DEISA-JRA3-4, 2006-05-17)
    • Activity report and roadmap evaluation (DEISA-JRA3-5, 2006-11-22)
    • Final report on EUTERPE code (DEISA-JRA3-6, 2007-05-28)
  • JRA4: Life Sciences
    • Grid-enabled genomic codes: first release (DEISA-JRA4-1a, 2004-11-24)
    • Grid-enabled Treatment Planning System: first release (DEISA-JRA4-1b, 2005-02-20)
    • Production operation of genomic codes (DEISA-JRA4-2a, May 15, 2005)
    • Production operation of Treatment Planning System (DEISA-JRA4-2b, 2005-05-20)
    • Final report on production status of initial applications (DEISA-JRA4-3, 2006-05-17)
    • Activity roadmap: identification of second set of applications (DEISA-JRA4-4, 2006-05-11)
    • Production status of second set of applications (DEISA-JRA4-5, 2006-05-15)
    • Midterm report on activity status (DEISA-JRA4-6, 2006-11-30)
    • Annual report and Update (DEISA-JRA4-7, 2007-05-28)
  • JRA5: Industry
    • Release of DEISA compliant codes (DEISA-JRA5-2, 2005-05-15)
    • "Medium" production cases results (DEISA-JRA5-5, 2006-05-17)
    • Assessment of DEISA Grid Functionality (DEISA-JRA5-6, 2007-04-01)
  • JRA6: Coupled Applications
    • Grid-enabled simulation codes: status report of first release (DEISA-JRA6-1.1, 2004-11-18)
    • Production operation of distributed simulation code: status report (DEISA-JRA6-2.1, 2005-05-15)
    • Production operation of distributed simulation code: status report (DEISA-JRA6-3.0, 2005-11-25)
    • Grid-enabling the second set of projects: status report of the first production releases. (DEISA-JRA6-4.0, 2006-05-16)
    • Production operation of distributed simulation codes: status report - second set of projects (DEISA-JRA6-5, 2006-11-24)
    • Production operation of distributed simulation codes: status report - second set of projects (DEISA-JRA6-7, 2007-05-25)

eDEISA project phase

Networking Activities (NA)

  • eNA2: Raising Awareness

General service activities (SA)

  • eSA1: Extended Network Interconnect Infrastructure
    • First 10 Gbit/s network infrastructure (eDEISA-eSA1-1, 2006-12-21)
    • Second 10Gb/s network infrastructure report (eDEISA-eSA1-2, 2007-05-31)
  • eSA2: Operation of the DEISA Infrastructure
    • Formation of Operation Team Definition and Setup of Activity (eDEISA-eSA2-1, 2006-12-21)
    • Status and Activity Report of Operation Team (eDEISA-eSA2-2, 2007-05-31)
  • eSA3: Extended Heterogeneous Resource Management
    • The DEISA Life Sciences Portal Architecture (eDEISA-eSA3-A1, 2006-06-01)
    • Pre-Production Implementation of the Life Sciences Portal (eDEISA-eSA3-A2, 2007-05-31)
    • Report on new middleware: GT4 and NAREGI (eDEISA-eSA3-B1, 2007-05-31)
    • Deployment and operation of GridFTP and SRB (eDEISA-eSA3-C1, 2007-05-31)
  • eSA4: Applications Enabling
    • Activity report on applications and update of work plan for the next six months (eDEISA-eSA4-A1, 2006-12-21)
    • Update of work plan for the next six months, and assessment of scientific results (eDEISA-eSA4-A2, 2007-05-28)
    • Identification of an Initial Set of Application Codes and Low Level Benchmarks (eDEISA-eSA4-B1, 2006-12-21)
    • Release of Version 1 of DEISA Benchmarks (eDEISA-eSA4-B2, 2007-05-25)
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