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Benchmarking & Benchmark Suite

This section provides a suite of parallel scientific applications codes from a wide range of disciplines which can be used to quantify the performance of parallel supercomputers. These codes have been chosen as being representative for the applications of the scientific projects performed on the DEISA HPC facilities. The codes and associated datasets have been selected to be useful in benchmarking machines with peak performances in the regime of hundreds of  teraflops.

All the codes are packaged into a structured framework allowing compilation, execution and analysis to be configured and carried out via a set of standard XML files. Wherever possible, codes and datasets are available directly from this site. However, for licensing reasons, some of the benchmarks must be obtained directly from the code authors and placed in the appropriate location within the benchmarking framework.

We also provide documentation on the codes, instructions on the benchmarking framework, rules governing allowable changes to the source and sample results from a range of DEISA platforms.

Feedback, questions or comments on the DEISA Benchmark Suite can be addressed to Please note however that funding for the DEISA project has now come to an end, and as such active development on the Benchmark Suite has ceased.

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