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SU3_AHiggs is a lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) code intended for computing the conditions of the Early Universe. Instead of the "full QCD", the code applies an effective field theory, which is valid at high temperatures. In the effective theory, the lattice is 3D. For this reason, SU3_AHiggs stresses different parts of the architecture than the conventional QCD applications using 4D lattices.

SU3_AHiggs has roots in the MILC code, but it is heavily rewritten by Prof. Kari Rummukainen (University of Oulu, Finland). The code is written solely in C and it uses MPI communications. No external libraries are needed to run the program.

SU3_AHiggs runs already on many platforms, and porting to new ones is straightforward. With a 323 lattice, the program performs well up to 256 processes. With a 2563 lattice, the speedup is almost linear with the number of processes. The highest processor number tested so far is 2048. The lattice size and the number of iterations are controlled by four user-adjustable parameters.

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