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DEISA is supporting users through various media such as:

Organization of the User Support

User Documentation

The user documentation splits into the DEISA Primer and more comprehensive documents that contain detailed information on various topics.

The DEISA Primer is a concise document about the DEISA infrastructure and services. It includes information about important concepts and provides practical information for users who want a brief practical overview of DEISA services. The Primer might also be valuable for those who want to lookup,  e.g., which facilities and services are provided for data management, job submission and accounting. The Primer explains how to obtain a DEISA account and how to get access to the HPC infrastructure, either using (UNICORE or the DESHL) or through interactive access.

The comprehensive user documentation contains topics such as the DEISA Common Production Environment, the Access to Accounting InformationUsage of the UNICORE Middleware and the DEISA Services for the Heterogeneous Management Layer, the Interactive Access to DEISA HPC Systems and Data Management with GridFTP.


The Training Programme targets current and future users of the DEISA infrastructure and, specifically, those requiring parallel scaling to 100s of cores. The objectives of the Training Programme are to enable new DEISA users to learn about the benefits of the novel features of the infrastructure as maintained by the DEISA operations team; to enhance the flow of information between the service providers and our users by having face-to-face contact at the training sessions; to make existing users aware of the advanced tools and techniques that they can use to take full advantage of the supercomputing platforms within DEISA; and to allow experienced DEISA users to share their experiences via invited presentations.

The section on DEISA training publishes news about upcoming training events and it provides the latest introductory training material covering the DEISA infrastructure, which is based on the most recent training course. Material about advanced training courses on specific topics of direct relevance to users are made available. Topics for advanced training include: Parallel I/O; Advanced Message-Passing Features; Efficient Use of Multi-Core Processors; and New Programming Models and Languages.


Contacting the DEISA User Help Desk

DEISA offers a centralized help desk to the users.  Requests or problem reports can be submitted via email or, preferably, using an online form at

Availability Status of Software

The current status of the availability of software versions (DCPE) on DEISA machines can be obtained from


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