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Science Communities

On Dec 10, 2008 the Call for "Expressions of Interest" of the DEISA Virtual Community Support Initiative has been opened.

The single-project oriented activities of the DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative is qualitatively extended towards per­sis­tent support of Virtual Science Communities. This extended initiative of DEISA2 will benefit from and build on the experiences of the scientific Joint Research Activities of DEISA1 (FP6) where selected computing needs of various scientific communities and a pilot industry part­ner were addressed.

Examples of a structured science community with DEISA HPC support is the European fusion community. Further targets for DEISA support are EU FP7-supported computational projects. In addition to fusion energy research, the initiative aims at supporting, e.g., climate/earth system research, astrophysics/cosmology, life sciences and materials sciences. The initiative is also open for communities emerging from other disciplines.

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