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Project Acronym REIONIZATION
Scientific Discipline Astronomy
Principal Investigator(s) Garrelt Mellema
Leading Institution ASTRON (Dwingeloo)
Partner Institution(s)
  • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, Toronto


We propose to model the reionization of the early universe, by calculating the transfer of ionizing radiation around sources in a previously calculated three-dimensional piece of universe. This piece has a larger size (physically and computationally) than anything that has been studied before in the context of reionization. As we follow the evolution of this piece of universe, more and more sources will appear. At the end of the calculation, the volume will contain 600,000 sources of ionizing radiation.

The results from this calculation will allow a better evaluation of the reionization process in a representative patch of the universe. It will also produce predictions for what can be observed with low frequency radio telescopes such as LOFAR, and by constructing synthesized observations, will help developing a reduction strategy for the LOFAR observations.

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