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Advanced Geosystem Analysis

Project GeoSys
Scientific Discipline Coupled Multi-field Problems in Geoscience, Applications in Geoscience and Environmental Science
Principal Investigator(s) Olaf Kolditz
  • Center for Applied Geoscience, Germany


Computer simulations have become a helpful tool in geosciences. They provide insight into areas which are difficult to access without these simulations. GeoSys is an application that is designed to simulate relevant processes in the area of geothermal processes and hydrogeology.

This project aims at simulating highly complex geological models that contain many geological processes.

As in many other disciplines with larger computing resources more detailed and more precise models can be implemented and simulated. Geoscience problems are not only highly complex because they involve a lot of different natural processes that have to be modelled but also because in these processes many different length scales are involved. Processes on small scales like fracture networks can influence processes like water flow on big scales and these affect processes on huge scales. Every scale has to be simulated at a sufficient resolution but computing power and memory can limit the discretization resolution to non-sufficient values. In this project we want to take advantage of the DEISA infrastructure to simulate highresolution models which contain many different natural processes.

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