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Full f gyrokinetic simulation of plasma edge

Project fullfgk
Scientific Discipline Plasma physics
Principal Investigator(s) Jukka Heikkinen
  • VTT (Euratom-Tekes association), Finland
  • Helsinki University of Technology (Euratom-Tekes association), Finland


Understanding the plasma turbulence is of major importance for success of ITER being important step in the development of fusion energy. In the present proposal, the global 5D full f gyrokinetic particle code ELMFIRE simulating both turbulence and neoclassical physics is to be used to simulate ASDEX Upgrade or some other medium-sized tokamak. Using full-f technique, simulation of transport phenomena involving wide orbit effects, steep gradients, and rapid dynamic changes in profiles becomes possible to model, but same time requirement of CPU resources increases in order to reduce noise to acceptable level. Massively parallelized simulations order of 2-4 weeks with 500 processors would probably be long enough to see possible L-H transition as the plasma is heated up.

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