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Global gyrokinetic simulations for stellarators

Project gyro3d
Scientific Discipline Plasma instability
Principal Investigator(s) J. Nührenberg
  • IPP Greifswald, Germany
  • CRPP-EPFL, Switzerland


Simulations of plasma microinstabilities and related turbulence for a full torus three-dimensional stellarator configuration are a necessary complement to ex-periments as e.g. Wendelstein 7-X. Gyrokinetics as a first principle based theory is well suited for this task. An established and flexible method for solving the gyrokinetic system of equations is the simulation via the particle-in-cell (PIC) Monte-Carlo method. This has been implemented in the code EUTERPE which solves the linearized electrostatic gyrokinetic equation for the ions (electrons are assumed to be adiabatic) globally in stellarator geometry. In order to reduce the noise connected with the particle discretization state-of-the-art noise reduction techniques (δf-method, optimized loading) are employed. The use of B-Spline finite elements unifies charge assignment and the solution of the Helmholtz equation. The additional computational power made accessible by DECI will be used to run for the first time gyrokinetic nonlinear plasma turbulence simula-tions globally in full three-dimensional geometry of a plasma device.

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