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Large-Scale Wind Turbine CFD

Project 3C4WTS
Research Area Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Turbines, Aerodynamic Design, Parallel Computing
Principal Investigator(s) Dr. George N. Barakos
  • Univ. Of Liverpool, Dept. of Engineering, UK
  • CENER, Spain


This project aims to develop and use CFD for the analysis of large-scale wind turbines. The need for clean, green energy is currently pushing the limits of what wind turbine manufacturers can produce, and a tendency is established for large scale wind turbines able to produce many MWatts of power. The detailed aerodynamic design of these turbines is yet to be defined, and the current project aims to deliver design guidelines regarding the maximum wind turbine diameter which is both feasible and economically viable. Massively parallel computations are needed for the detailed aerodynamic analysis of these new machines. However, by computing the detailed turbulent flow field around the turbine�s blade and pylon and by resolving turbulent structures via the Detached Eddy Simulation technique, smaller, more efficient engineering tools can be developed which will enable engineers to improve their designs and consequently result in an environmentally friendly and economic source of electricity.

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