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From Newton to Einstein in Gravitational N-Body Dynamics

Project Einstein
Research Area Dynamics of black holes in stellar systems (star clusters, galactic nuclei); theoretical astrophysics, general relativity, computational astrophysics, direct N-body simulations.
Principal Investigator(s) Dr. Rainer Spurzem
  • Astron. Rechen-Inst., Zentrum f. Astron., Univ. Heidelberg, Germany
  • Astronomical Institute A. Pannekoek, Univ. v. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Institute of Theoretical Physics, Friedrich-Schiller University
  • Dept. of Astrophysics, Rochester Institute of Technology


Numerical modelling of dense stellar systems including black holes and compact stellar objects (neutron stars, white dwarfs), where the mass of the black holes ranges from stellar masses (end products of stellar evolution) through intermediate (103 to 104 solar masses) in star clusters up to the very end of the cosmological black hole mass function (1010 solar masses) in centres of galaxies. The relativistic (Post-Newtonian) dynamics of these objects will be formulated and numerically followed to predict gravitational waves for ground and space based GW observatories from these astrophysical objects.

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