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European Earthquake Simulator

Project EuQuake
Research Area Seismology
Principal Investigator(s) Prof. Dr. Heiner Igel
  • Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
  • Institut du Physique du Globe, France
  • Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Sezione di Bologna, Italy
  • University of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • ORFEUS, KNMI, De Bilt, Netherlands


The calculation of earthquake scenarios and the radiating wave fields in complex 3-D Earth models is playing an increasingly important role in (1) determining the structure of the Earth’s interior; (2) providing strong ground motion information for potential earthquakes; and (3) understanding the physics of the earthquake process. In the FP6 project SPICE ( a number of parallel 3-D wave propagation algorithms was developed, implemented and tested on supercomputer hardware. These codes are now ready to serve as a central engines for scientific and engineering problems for earthquake related issues. The proposed project shall provide the computational resources for the first systematic near-realtime calculation of seismic wavefields propagating from earthquake sources in or around the European continent. It will thereby match the observational efforts in the FP6 project NERIES ( that aims at providing centralized access to several hundred seismic stations across Europe. The ultimate goal of the combined projects is to come up with a new high-resolution tomographic model of the subsurface structure of the European Plate and the adjacent region. Such a model will have a tremendous impact on the understanding of the evolution of the European continents, the evaluation of shaking hazard and earthquake risks, and the accuracy of real-time earthquake parameter estimations in early-warning systems.


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