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Large Scale Computation of Tokamak Turbulence and Transport

Project GEM
Research Area Turbulence in magnetically confined plasmas
Principal Investigator(s) Dr. habil. Bruce D. Scott
  • IPP Garching, Germany
  • University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Centro de Fusão Nuclear (CFN) - Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal


The GEM (Gyrofluid ElectroMagnetic) code is Europe's state of the art fluid model for edge and core turbulence in tokamaks. All types of motion slower than the ion gyrofrequency and larger than the ion gyroradius are treated. Based on a basis-function approximation to the underlying kinetic model, GEM advances heat fluxes and temperatures as well as densities and flows as dynamical variables, coupled to an electromagnetic field response. It has already demonstrated fully resolved electromagnetic computation in production mode. The code is currently parallelised up to 256 CPUs and can be run globally for medium sized tokamaks. The goal is to have it fully capable for global computation of turbulence and transport for ITER. The physics model is being updated to treat both edge and core conditions within the same run. Within DECI it is planned to simulate turbulence in magnetically confined plasmas at a scale relevant to the ITER project.

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