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Project fullfgk2
Research Area Plasma Physics
Principal Investigator(s) Jukka Heikkinen
  • Universidad Nacional de EducaciĆ³n a Distancia, Spain
  • VTT (Euratom-Tekes association), Espoo, Finland
  • Helsinki University of Technology (Euratom-Tekes association), Finland


Understanding the plasma turbulence is of major importance for success of ITER, which is in turn the most important step in the development of fusion energy. ELMFIRE is a gyrokinetic plasma simulation code developed to study the dynamics of turbulence and its influence on plasma global behaviour. ELMFIRE can be used, and has already been used, to understand the physics underlying the formation and development of plasma turbulence and its undesirable effects on plasma confinement.
Of particular importance in the study of plasma confinement is the transition between L and H states, referring to Low and High confinement states. Understanding the way to induce an L-H transition in a plasma would lead to an immediate increase of plasma confinement applicable to different plasma devices. The DECI resources obtained for this year have supported the plasma analysis with calculations that showed first indications of the mentioned L-H transition. Further understanding of pedestal transport and its control has been acquired. The diagnostics of turbulent structures has been improved by wavelets. These calculations have been so far promising and are now proposed to be continued with more memory-efficient code version (using Domain Decomposition) for longer (and heavier) simulations to collisional time scale.

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