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Fractal grid turbulence and acoustic predictions

Research Area Engineering
Principal Investigator(s) Eric Lamballais
  • Laboratoire dEtudes Aerodynamiques, France
  • Imperial College London, UK


Reducing noise from aircraft operations is a major challenge facing the aircraft manufacturing industry and the air transport business.
A promising noise reduction concept based on multiscale flow controllers such as fractal grids has been studied at ’Imperial College London’ in the last 5 years. These specific grids seem to have unusual properties which could be interesting for noise reduction. The aim of this project is to investigate via D irect Numerical Simulations the acoustic field generated by a fractal grid in order to check the noise reduction potential of a fractal flap. The numerica l code (called ’Incompact3d’) which will be used for these simulations has been developed at the ’Laboratoire dâEtudes Aerodynamique&rsqu o; in Poitiers. It is already used to study the turbulence generated by those fractal grids and a specific acoustic modulus, based on the Curle analogy wil l be added to investigate the acoustic field of this flow. Due to the multiscale nature of the flow and the expensive cost of an acoustic prediction, this project requires state-of-the art top-end parallel computing.

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