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Acoustic Coupling in Engineering

Project ACE
Research Area Engineering
Principal Investigator(s) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Roller
  • German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH, Aachen, Germany


Direct Aero-Acoustic simulations are a challenging computational task, as many different scales have to be included in a single computation. The phenomena generating the noise in the flow as vortices are small scale structures, whereas the propagation of the sound waves needs to be observed over a large distance.
However direct simulations have the advantage, that they require the least modelling and respect interactions between the acoustic and the flow.
However a decomposition of the simulation into specialized parts is attractive in order to reduce the computational effort and allow different models and scales. As the acoustic noise generation and the sound propagation are often separatable in space, it is possible to apply a spatial decomposition with an appropiate coupling. With this scheme it is feasible to compute more realistic models, incorporating many physical phenomena, yet the computing time needed for such simulations is still very large. This project has the aim to enable acoustic simulations in the engineering context for complex geometries with the help of modern computer science developments. One of the deployed kernels can take advantage of CoArray Fortran.

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