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High Resolution DataBases for CFD modeling

Project CFD-DB
Research Area Engineering
Principal Investigator(s) Dr. Vincent Moureau
  • Universit√© de Rouen - CNRS - INSA Rouen, CORIA, Rouen, France


The CFD-DB project aims at the building of high-fidelity databases of turbulent reactive flow simulations. These databases are dedicated to the understanding and the validation of turbulence models in complex geometries. The simulations are performed with the finite-volume solver YALES2, based on innovative technologies to handle very large meshes of billions of cells and to solve efficiently in parallel large linear systems. This research code, developed at CORIA, is designed to model turbulent reactive flows and atomization of liquid fuels with body-fitted unstructured meshes. Such databases have already been successfully built in 2009 for an industrial swirl burner with 2.6 billion cells. The objective of the current proposal is to make a big step forward, breaking the 10 billion-cell mesh and 100k cores limits, i.e. approximately four times bigger than the present databases. Such a resolution is needed to resolve all the scales of turbulent flows at realistic Reynolds numbers.

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