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Metabolomics through multi-genetic associations

Project MeMGenA
Research Area Bio Sciences
Principal Investigator(s) Prof. Karsten Suhre
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Department of Biology II, Germany
  • Institute for Epidemiology (EPI), GSF - National Centre for Environment and Health, Germany
  • Kings College, London, UK


In a previous DEISA project, we have successfully used high-performance computing for an innovative genome-wide association study in metabolomics [Gieger et al., Illig et al.]. Due to the availability of the DEISA computing resources, we were able to initiate a paradigm shift – a hypothesis-free approach test a large number of potential hypothesis, the set of which represents all possible combinations of metabolite ratios (>20,000) on 500,000 genetic loci for thousands of individuals. We are presently preparing the follow-up study based on new original dataset that has been funded by the German Diabetes Centre. In biological terms we are expecting to discover a new range of genetically determined metabotypes (see our previous report for details), as a totally new metabolite panel shall be tested. In terms of computational requirements it will be at least comparable to our previous project: the number of metabolites will increase from 163 to over 250. The number of SNPs may be over 1,000,000. Moreover, we plan to test new methods for hypothesis testing.

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