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Engineering & Industry

The provision of advanced high-end computing facilities and services is potentially as important to Europe's competitiveness in industry as it is to computational science. Many collaborating partners are already involved in technology transfer to industry on a national scale. The establishment of a European HPC ecosystem opens up new opportunities for both existing and new industrial users of HPC to make use of facilities at a high level appropriate to their computational needs.

Industrial and engineering needs are directly addressed by the DEISA partners CINECA and HLRS which already have close relationships to the automotive industry (Fiat, Porsche, Daimler) and the oil industry. Other industrial users in emerging areas, where industrial and academic research collaborations are established, can benefit from the opportunities afforded by DECI. These collaborations can utilize applications support and consultancy or access training on the same basis as academic computational scientists.

It is one of the aims to make industrial as well as academic users aware of the full range of facilities and services DEISA is offering to them.

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