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Science and Projects

This section informs about computational projects utilizing the DEISA HPC infrastructure.

Topics are


The management and the organisation of the DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative DECI, the support of Virtual Science Communities and of user from Engineering and Industry with HPC applications, and the provision and maintenance of a European Benchmark Suite for high-end supercomputers are major objectives of DEISA. Through the DECI, many more major European computational science projects and communities can benefit from the direct access to the DEISA HPC infrastructure. DECI provides a route for computational scientists in new and emerging applications areas to access the leading European HPC facilities. It also gives an opportunity for DEISA to establish working relationships with new user communities from science and industry. The benchmarking activity enables DEISA to better understand and quantify the relative performance characteristics of each of the HPC systems in the DEISA infrastructure, and it will enable the DEISA Applications Task Force to direct potential users with their applications to those HPC facilities which match most closely their computational requirements.

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