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5th e-Concertation meeting

5th eConcertation meeting in Barcelona, June 6th, 2008.

Outcome of the 4th E-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting

  • Projects were encouraged to establish an easy to locate web-page within the project web site to disseminate relevant information on its standardization related work, the contact persons, open issues, requirements and needs.
  • Each project is also requested to report on follow up actions to this 4th eConcertation Workshop in their next activity reports and reviews.
  • Projects are asked to play an active role in identifying their major standardization needs at an early stage.
  • Supporting projects like BELIEF are invited to gather and maintain live documents, information and standard-projects matrices and to create a mailing list on e-Infrastructures standards related topics.
  • Projects like OMII-Europe, already heavily involved with standards and providing tailor-made training courses could be contacted to take advantage of these training courses.
  • Closer collaboration, exchange of experiences and results achieved among projects is considered beneficial and should be enhanced. The reinforcement of human networking and synergies with other stakeholders should be developed in order to facilitate the production, deployment and use of standards. In this context, an important catalyser role is expected from supporting projects like OGF-EUROPE, GLOBAL, GridTalk and BELIEF-II.


The items are taken from the 5th e-concertation Projects Input referring to the 4th ECConcertation.

DEISA-2 input on the items listed above

  • Standards and Interoperability for DEISA (
  • The web page Standards and Interoperability for DEISA reflects the current position and strategy of DEISA-2 on standards and interoperation.
  • DEISA-2 major standardization needs are related to High Performance Computing. Everything from job submission, job and workflow management, data management, data access and archiving, networking and security (including AAA) is of particular relevance for DEISA. Hence, DEISA is particularly involved in the Open Grid Forum and actively participates OGF standardization groups like JSDL-WG and OGSA-BES for job submission, UR-WG and RUS-WG for accounting purposes, DAIS for Web Service based access to data bases and others.
  • A close collaboration as well as the exchange of experiences and results is already through the GIN community group within the OGF. Furthermore, the e-Infrastructure projects in High Performance Computing and High Capacity Computing (DEISA, EGEE, TeraGrid, OSG, Naregi) established a forum for close cooperation.

DEISA-2 Three Point list for Items of importance in the discussion

  1. 1) Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
  2. 2) Governance, Compliance, and Risk
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