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1 Introduction

1.1 Description

The DEISA infrastructure enables access to the DEISA CPU hour usage using DART, the DEISA Accounting Report Tool, which is a client application which gathers accounting information provided by every DEISA site in a standardised manner.

Based on this information it generates reports of the usage of distributed computing resources within DEISA. These reports can be specific for project supervisors, site administrators and users. You must have a valid DEISA account to employ DART.

1.2 Installation

DART is using the Java Webstart technology. That means that you can start the application by clicking

DART webstart app 

(which is also on the left side menu). All you need is an actual browser and a Java Runtime Environment 1.5 (also known as 5.0) or greater. You can obtain Java from the Sun Microsystems Website ( Java Webstart guarantees that you keep DART up-to-date. Using the most recent DART is mandatory because this tool also contains information about all the distributed DEISA accounting servers and the CPU normalisation factors.

After you have clicked the launch link the application will be downloaded to your computer. If the download has finished Java will do a security check (see Figure 1). The application is signed by a certificate to verify the applications distributor. By doing this it becomes more difficult for a third party to import a trojan or any other kind of virus software on your computer. For your own security check the certificate by clicking Details.

DART Security Warning

NOTE: The certificate subject should be "CN=<person name>, O=sara, O=users, O=dutchgrid" and should be issued by "CN=NIKHEF medium-security certification auth, O=NIKHEF, C=NL". The person name depends on the person from SARA who signed the application. You can obtain the NIKHEF CA certificate from TERENA's supported TACAR Repository ( and select the DutchGrid and NIKHEF Medium-security X.509 CA to install. After import of this root CA the software signing check will be done automatically. Starting a browser and going to the DART website can become very boring in the long run. It would be nicer if there is an entry for starting DART directly from the desktop. Depending on your Java and OS version the DART application will be cached on your harddisk and a shortcut will available on your desktop or start menu. Otherwise Java Webstart gives you the possibility to start the DART application from a Java Webstart Application manager or from the Control Panel -> Java Control Panel -> Temporary Internet Files -> View...

DART webstart

If you can't find the Shortcut for the Java Webstart Application Manager on your desktop or in the start menu, double click to $JAVA_HOME/bin/javaws on UNIX or %JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws.exe on Windows. JAVA_HOME represents your JRE installation directory. Java 1.6 requires to start the program with the -viewer option.

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