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1 Introduction

The DESHL, or DEISA Services for Heterogeneous management Layer, provides functionality for submission and management of computational jobs within DEISA. The DESHL also provides data staging facilities to allow data to be moved to suitable locations in preparation for computational jobs to be run and for data retrieval on completion of a job.

For simplicity, the user can think of the DESHL as a command line UNICORE client, however, the DESHL can also be employed as an API.  The DESHL has been employed to utilise the DEISA HPC systems as a massive Task Farm resource.

The DESHL provides this functionality via a SAGA-inspired API implemented in Java, interfacing with a generic grid access client library (HiLA, developed by FZJ) which in turn interfaces with the underlying DEISA infrastructure. The DESHL is currently supplied as a Java command line tool application based on the Open Group specification for Batch Environment Services. The DESHL is currently built on UNICORE6 technology.

This document describes how to install the DEISA Services for the Heterogeneous management Layer client (DESHL 5.0) and contains a tutorial showing how to run simple jobs on the DEISA infrastructure. It is a quick introduction to using the DESHL client. For further information and detailed reference, please refer to the DESHL 5.0 User Manual available in the DESHL software distribution.

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