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9 Glossary

DCPE - DEISA Common Production Environment

The software available on all the sites of the DEISA infrastructure and the common interface to access to them.

DECI - DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative

Initiative to enable a number of grand challenge applications in all areas of science and technology. These leading, ground breaking applications deal with complex, demanding and innovative simulations that would not be possible without the DEISA infrastructure, and which benefit from the exceptional resources provided by the Consortium.

DESHL - DEISA Services for the Heterogeneous management Layer

With its command line tool (CLT), it provides access to the DEISA UNICORE infrastructure via a set of simple commands.

Execution Site

The site where your compute job is running.


Multi-gigabit pan-European data communication network. This is a collaboration between 26 National Research and Education Networks representing 30 countries across Europe.

GUI - Graphical User Interface

A user interface which allows users to interact with a system  using graphical symbols. The interface is usually controlled by an electronical pointing device.

Home site

The site which is sponsoring a DEISA user, a project or a virtual science community. Services of the home site are: opening and managing the DEISA user account, authorization management, administration of the DEISA accounts for the sponsored users, the related project or community, local user support, providing access to local data repositories (file system, storage management),  providing access to a local login node and compute ressources which are integrated in the DEISA HPC infrastructure via a dedicated network.

PKI - Public Key Infrastructure

A set of hardware, software, administrative and operative instances, policies, and procedures for creating, managing, storing, distributing, and revoking digital certificates that can be used as a mean for authenticating people or servers (machines).


UNiform Interface to COmputing Resources: seamless interface to prepare and submit workflow jobs on heterogeneous systems.

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