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1 Data transfer

This document describes the deployment and usage of the data transfer facility GridFTP,  a component of the Globus middleware suite. It allows to transfer data efficiently between DEISA sites as well as between a non-DEISA site and a DEISA site.

Large scientific applications typically running on the DEISA HPC infrastructure both analyse and generate huge amounts of data.  These data sets cannot be expected to be permanently stored within the DEISA multi-site shared filesystem. In addition, an alternative site-to-site file transfer mechanism is required in case that one partner site can not be connected to the DEISA shared filesystem for technical reasons. To enable users to stage data in and out of DEISA HPC systems without common shared filesystems, DEISA sites provides an efficient file transfer service based on GridFTP.

GridFTP is a protocol for high-performance, secure and reliable data transfer for high-bandwidth WANs such as the one employed as the DEISA internal network, and DEISA users need to move data between the DEISA infrastructure and their local file systems. Thus, for this purpose, some sites also provide GridFTP servers that can be reached via the public internet. These so-called door nodes are listed in the Table 4 in section 4 Access from a machine outside of the DEISA environment

DEISA uses the GridFTP server implementation that comes with the Globus toolkit 4.

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