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1 Definition

To ensure a high level of coherence of the software environment in the DEISA supercomputing infrastructure, especially within the subgroups of homogeneous computers, which share the same hardware and software architecture, a DEISA Common Production Environment (DCPE) has been defined and deployed on each computer integrated in the platform.

Three main components define the DCPE:

  1. a coherent set of software packages, called the Software stacks, which include:
    • shells (Bash and Tcsh),
    • compilers (C, C++, Fortran and Java),
    • compilers libraries (for communication, data formatting, numerical analysis, etc.),
    • tools (debuggers, profilers, editors, batch and workflow managers, etc.),
    • applications.
  2. a uniform interface to access the software, provided by the Modules tool,
  3. a framework to monitor the software.

The components currently supported in the software stacks are listed in Table 1 in the following section.

Note that the access to some of the applications depends on the validation of their license, which is checked inside the environment the first time that you try to access to them.

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