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2 Job submission in DEISA

2.1 Job submission within DEISA network

Several DEISA sites offer the Globus 4.0 job submission service through the DEISA private network. Further, LRZ operates a WS-GRAM door node to submit WS-GRAM jobs to DEISA sites from the public Internet.

To use command line Globus commands on DEISA machines, you have to load the globus modulefile:

module load deisa
module load globus

Users do not need to know a particular address and port number if they are using the Globus command directly on the command-line of a DEISA machine since users can use the deisa_service script (See DEISA FAQ). For example, the command

globusrun-ws -submit -F `deisa_service -i -g bsc` -c /bin/date 

runs the command /bin/date on BSC on the login node of MareNostrum. Notice that the DEISA machine at BSC has been referred to as simply ‘bsc’.  This is a machine abbreviation.  Users can determine each machine abbreviation, along with some help text, by simply invoking the deisa_service command without any parameters.

2.2 Job submission from the Internet

Of all the DEISA sites, only LRZ provides WS-GRAM access from the public internet, where LRZ’s address is, i.e. the following command runs /bin/date on the front end of the LRZ execution site


globusrun-ws -submit -F -Ft PBS -c /bin/date


NB, to use this host, users must register their IP address by submitting a request to DEISA.

There is a possibility to send jobs directly from your workstation, over the public Internet, to other DEISA systems via LRZ’s gateway host. Again, if that is needed, please create a DEISA trouble ticket.

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