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3 Installation

The following steps are required: Download the installer and install and configure the DESHL.

3.1 Download the installer

Download the DESHL 5.0 installer from the DESHL project site:

Either save it to a location on your workstation, or execute it directly if your browser supports execution of jar files.

3.2 Install and configure the DESHL via the installer GUI

If the installer did not automatically start up in the previous step then run it now: in a file explorer window double click on the installer jar file to start the installation.

Alternatively, you can install and customize DESHL from the command line on UNIX:

java -jar DESHL-5.0-installer.jar
To install from the command line on Windows open a DOS command window and run the following:
java –jar DESHL-5.0-installer.jar
If problems are experienced when running the installer, extra debug information can be obtained by running with these additional arguments:
java -DTRACE=true -DSTACKTRACE=true -jar DESHL-5.0-installer.jar

The graphical installer opens up with a welcome screen for 'DEISA JRA7', followed by a license agreement. You will need to accept the license agreement before being allowed to install DESHL.

When prompted enter an installation directory, under MS Windows for example

C:\Program Files\DESHL-5.0

If installing on UNIX, specify a DESHL-5.0 directory in your local workstation home directory, for example:


Next choose the packages to install as shown in the following Figure.


The base DESHL package is always required and cannot be deselected. Additional material can optionally be selected for installation. The optional packages are:

  • Docs – user documentation including the DESHL Reference Manual.
  • API Docs – the Javadocs for the DESHL code.
  • Src – the Java source for DESHL.

The next Figure displays how to specify the location of the JKS format keystore that will be used to access the DEISA infrastructure.


Use the ‘Browse’ button to navigate to the keystore file that you downloaded in the previous step, and then enter the alias used to identify your personal certificate within the keystore. 

Enter the address of the remote registry. This is the location of the registry containing the addresses of all the DEISA sites. At the time this User Document was produced, this location was

Click the “Next” button to complete the DESHL installation, and then click on the “Done” button to finish and exit from the installer.

NB the installer does not add the DESHL executable to the path: you must do this manually, in the following manner.

In UNIX, from the DESHL install directory (sh or bash assumed):

> export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH

In Windows, if DESHL install directory is, e.g., C:\deshl:

C:\deshl>set PATH=C:\Program Files\DESHL-5.0\bin;%path% 
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