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1 Interactive access

At times, it is necessary for users to access their Execution platforms interactively, to permit installation of their codes, for instance.

Within DEISA, we recommend employing gsissh for interactive access to your Execution Site. First, employ gsissh on your local workstation to access a DEISA Door Node (currently either CINECA, LRZ, RZG or SARA). Then, if necessary, employ gsissh to access your Execution Site.

NB if you access your Execution Site directly from your workstation, then you will employ the public Internet; however, if you employ gsissh on a DEISA site to access your Execution Site, using its DEISA network address (given below), then you will employ DEISA's own private network.

This document first lists of each DEISA Platform, along with the preferred method of interactive access for both Execution and Home Site users, and a link to the platform's User Guide. 

The remaining part of this document describes how to access your Execution Site from either a Door Node or from your Home Site and, finally, how to access a Door Node with GSISSH-Term.

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