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2 Connecting to the service at LRZ

The service is protected by a firewall so you cannot connect to it directly from your workstation (unless authenticated by LRZ, see below).  However, it is possible to “tunnel” into the service via the DEISA network.  For DEISA users, this can be achieved quite simply by connecting to any one of the four DEISA Door Nodes, i.e. SARA, LRZ, RZG or CINECA, using the appropriate gsissh address as described in the DEISA User Documentation: Interactive Access.

For example, the gsissh address for the CINECA door node is so in order to connect to the service launch GSISSH-Term and select

File->New Connection

and insert in the box Host to Connect to.

GSISSH-Term will then ask you for the location of your Certificate and log you on to the Door Node.

As an alternative, it is also possible to send the static IP address of your workstation to the administrators at LRZ via the DEISA Helpdesk and then connect directly to the RVS without first logging onto a DEISA Door Node. In this case you would enter the following address in GSISSH-Term:

Note, however, that for DEISA users, the tunnelling method is not only more convenient, but also faster because it exploits DEISA’s fast internal network.

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