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3 Requesting a reservation for the graphics service

It is now necessary to request a reservation for use of the service and, if necessary, set a VNC password. This can be done by logging onto the computer at LRZ (if you already have a reservation from a previous session then you don’t need to do this)

module load deisa globus

gsissh `deisa_service -i -s lrz-rvs`

First time users need to set a VNC password with the command:


Note that this only needs to be done once.

A reservation is requested with the command:


Your request will be queued with others on the system but normally you will be allocated the resources within a minute. By default you will be given an allocation of one hour on the graphics facilities but it is possible to request more time with the rvrun command (see the LRZ user guide for more details). When the allocation is ready you will be told what host and display has been allocated for your request. For example,

In this example the host is and the display is 53.

You will need this information for the next step. You will also be given the command you need to use in order to close the reservation (step 6). Another useful command is


which lists the reservations of all users currently using the system.

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