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4 File Transfer with the UNICORE client

The URC provides the user with integrated file transfer mechanism. To transfer files, first select your script in the URC and then the Files panel at the bottom. The upper part of the new window is for file import into a temporary directory on the remote supercomputer and the panel below is to export from the temporary directory into a permanent one on the remote HPC system (Figure 24).

Please note that, for each job, a private, temporary directory is created on the target system which is called USPACE. If no other directory is referred to in the job script, then the job executes within this USPACE directory. It is important to know that the USPACE is a temporary directory and all the content will be deleted after the batch job has finished.

Thus, if you are interested to keep all data after the job has been finished, then move to a permanent directory (for instance by including the following command at the beginning of your script: cd $DEISA_HOME). Otherwise only stdout and stderr will be available.



Add the file that has to be submitted from your local computer to the Execution System (Figure 25).



With a click in the Source File(s) panel you can browse your files. You may transfer either single files or whole directories (Figure 26).



Next, the files have to be transferred from the temporary URC USPACE to a permanent directory as shown in Figure 27.



Select UNICORE_Storage as Destination Type (Figure 28).



The storage may be selected with a click in the File(s) at Destination / File ID panel (Figure 29). In the upcoming file browser the remote target storage is set.


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