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Now everything is configured properly and you are ready for your first DEISA UNICORE job. The example below shows how to create and submit a simple job script.

Select the site where you want to submit your job to (e.g. FZJ_JUGENE) in the URC GridBrowser view with a right mouse click (upper left window, see Figure 15). If no site is selected, then any of the user’s Execution Sites will be taken that achieve your job properties.

Select Script v.2.0 from the Job Creation window and click on Finish (Figure 16).





A new window appears where any Linux commands or program calls, etc., may be included. An example is shown in Figure 17. NB URC automatically prepends all scripts with module load deisa.



After that, submit the job to the selected target system (FZJ_JUGENE in the example) by clicking on DEISA-UNICORE6-Button-05.jpg

36: Play button
(see Figure 18).After a few seconds you will see your submitted job (Figure 19). The example shows a pending job that is in the batch queue of the Execution System.



To monitor your submitted job, simply double click on the selected Execution Site (FZJ_JUGENE) in the upper left window (GridBrowser view). You will see all the available file systems on the Execution System. If needed you may browse through the file systems (see Figure 19). The status will be refreshed automatically by the URC, where the update duration depends on the queue status of each Execution System. When the icon changes to green the job has been executed successfully, red means an error (Figure 20).






Double click the submitted script to get the job output (e.g. stdout and stderr in Figure 21).



If you want to download the stdout or stderr to your local computer, then double click on stdout or stderr, respectively (Figure 22). Figure 23 shows the stdout.




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